had to seperate the ducks...


Diagnosed w/ Muscovitis
10 Years
Feb 7, 2009
Tombstone, AZ
ok so today i woke up to ducks quacking up a storm! so i immediately went to the duck pen. my drake was mating with my young 2 month old duck! ahhhhh!!!!!!!!! poor girl didnt know what happened! so i had to seperate the 2 younger ones (who had been in there since they were put outside). I was gonna put the drake in "duck jail" but its not his fault. Its that season.


She doesnt act hurt, just freaked out. Will she be ok????
she was moving funny right after. she couldnt even waddle!!! so sad, i feel like she was raped.

shes fine now. i took her (and her sister) in with my polish rooster and hen. they like it much better
Thats horrible , glad to hear she is fine now
ya i felt awful!!! i heard the ducks sounding an alarm and i went running out there, and the drakes hen was even in on it, quacking and biting the little one! i swooped him up by the neck and held him against me and yelled at him. then i took him to find my husband and he laughed and said i looked like a little kid carrying a pet duck around. i asked him what to do. and so we decided to put the little ducks in with the polish roo and hen. (only 2)

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