Hail Glory! It's a Miracle!


Jul 13, 2020
SW Indiana
I have been raising a single Silver-Laced Wyandotte pullet for 4 weeks now. You may remember me posting that the other 6 chicks she was shipped with froze in transit. To say she is driving me insane would be an understatement. I know she's isolated and bored (the mirror has helped, she nests in front of it), but she is the most demanding, aggressive little twerp ever. She paces at the glass of her pen (a big aquarium) chirping at me all evening. Two nights ago, she jumped out of her pen and flew over to me, landing full force, square in the center of my dinner. "Cute" is relative. And If I find out that "she" was the "extra" added to my order of 6, and "she" turns out to be a cockerel, I am going to be having dark, dark thoughts about that hatchery. For now, let's assume they got this sexing correct.

I have six three-month-old Buff Orpingtons that are outside in a coop and doing well, and I imagine you would agree that she's could not be with them (too small, and needs a heater still). I am still trying to find a home for my least favorite roo (he's kind of broody, in the sullen young male way, not the egg-taking-care-of way).

So I have tried and tried to get a hatchery to work with me, but they usually have minimum orders (I really only want six more (which will give me 10 hens) like I originally planned. Meyer even had SLWs and BAs like the ones that died, but not available til Dec 7. So by that time I'd have new chicks with an 8 week old...sort of the same problem I already have.

I've been checking Craigslist forever, but it seems like 99% of the chickens in Indiana currently reside in the other ends of the state. I can't explain it. I can't drive 8 hours to pick up chicks.

But I checked again yesterday, and I couldn't believe it. A local guy was selling BA pullets, 4 weeks old...CHEAP. Same age, same breed? How perfect could it be?

In typical Craigslist fashion, they were "just sold". Isn't it always that way on Craigslist? He said he would text me if the person didn't come and get them. I thanked the guy anyway, and I don't know what possessed me to text him the mini version of the above story, but lo and behold he texted me last night and said he had some chicks for me!

I can't wait to go get them after work. "Frosty" (ironically, the most appropriate name ever, given her ordeal) will have some step siblings to run with! Plus, I can move them all into the big brooder and get her out of my face hahaha, since she'll have companionship. I can already feel my stress level falling.
I ended up getting the 1 BA that was left, and 4 BR chicks. They're all very cute, but I am somewhat surprised by how small they are, compared to Frosty. They are supposedly the same age...4 weeks. Well, they're close enough. And stinking adorable too.. They're eating and drinking now under a heat lamp, so all is good.


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AHHH your new babies are so cute.
I hope the hatchery refunded your money. :mad:
Yeah, they did. And if anyone is interested in which hatchery it is, I won't shame them publicly, but will answer through messaging. Though if Frosty turns out to be a cockerel, all bets are off!

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