Hailey The Egg Eater Help!


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Jun 8, 2013
Somerset, Kentucky
I didn't think of that. Wash there mouths out with soap LOL.
Mine got so bad if I dropped an egg while collecting they would run to it like it was scratch. One learns it and the others follow.
I "accidently" dropped a soap egg, they flocked & voraciously attacked it. Just as quickly quit.
Did some strategic soap eggs in nests. Even broke an egg and made sure some got on & in the soap egg. They decided eggs always taste like crap. Lol


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May 31, 2019
Moore County, NC
I have to collect eggs all throughout the day until I know all of my girls from the egg eating flock have laid. They seem to have a preference for brown eggs for some reason. It's frustrating for sure. One of my brown egg laying girls didn't have the strongest egg shell and I believe that partly led to the problem so I've got her straightened out for now. I wish you the best.
Best of cLuck @DaisyBuff let us know how it works out.

@The Chicken Gardener
It would be best to start a new thread here about your egg eaters,
with as much info about your flock and it's housing(dimensions and pics) as possible.
You'll get lots of great advice and not hijack this thread.
"Best of cLuck!" Hahaha! I love it! Made my morning

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