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Oct 27, 2020

My name is Jessica. I live in Lawrence County, TN. I have my hands full. I'm in my forties, in college, and I'm a writer. When I purchased my house, I make a promise to myself to make it a self-sufficient homestead. I've been here nearly five years, and each year I promised myself that I would get chickens as soon as I could.

Well, the silver-lining of Covid, allowed me the opportunity to plant a huge vegetable garden, order fruit trees, plant strawberries, elderberries, huckleberries and yes . . get chickens (and a few ducks)!! I had no idea I would be so passionate about my poultry. At work, people smilingly endure my endless photos of my chickens. Some of them even ask about my chickens by name.

My flock of chickens is small. Eight birds (four Red Sex Link hens) and four mixed barnyard birds (I think a mix of Easter Eggers and French Marans). Two of those are roosters and two are hens. (I'm being polite by calling them hens, five of my six females are still pullets. Yesterday, I had my first egg! It was more exciting than last Christmas. Even my ducks joined in the egg song.)

I've already got a second coop, and want to get blue and green egg layers. I plan to wait until Spring. I've read that one of the mistakes new chicken owners make is becoming so enthusiastic that they under-estimate how much time they have to care for their birds. Plus, I'm not sure I want to go through the work of baby chicks in cold weather.

My flock is free-ranged during the day and cooped at night. I'm lucky enough to live next to a cow pasture and have the farmer's approval of letting my flock range in his direction. Mostly, they stick to my yard--but some days they venture into dangerous territory.

After watching The Biggest Little Farm, I decided to at least blog about turning my house into a homestead. Anyone interested, can find that blog at MabelFrancesFarm.blogspot.com. Even better, you can see my flock there!

I'm looking forward to being part of this community!

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