Half Eaten Chicken


11 Years
Sep 26, 2008
NW Ohio
I found the remains of an attack in my coop this morning. Apparently there had been another, but it was in a corner I hadn't looked into. So probably this other one happened the night before. The first one (lost in the corner) only had a leg remaining. The one I found this morning had its neck chewed on and its innards gone. Would this be a coon or fox? The only thing on the predator list that came close to this description was a cat and I just don't see my cats doing this. They are well fed and fat. But they are also small cats. I can't see them eating almost two whole chickens over two nights. Heck I don't even see a large cat eating this much if it is a well fed animal. Unless maybe I have a bobcat around..

Any thoughts?

I guess I get some live traps to find out.


9 Years
May 16, 2011
North Pole, Alaska 99705
Another possibility is a bird attack. What's your set up?

(stole this off someone else) lay a piece of plywood down out away from the coop, sprinkle flour all over it and put chicken remains in the middle. You intruder will leave it's tracks when they investigate so you know who it is.

Are there any sign of entry, digging, netting chewed thru, etc? Hope you nail them soon. Good Luck

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