Half Hatched Duckling, Please Advise


7 Years
Jun 30, 2012
LP Michigan
Today is Day 26 for my Khaki Campbell's eggs, and she's been sitting, Old Fashioned Style. This evening I went out to do the pm feeding, and I found a half hatched very bloody egg with a very alive duckling approximately 18" from the nest. So I held the egg for awhile, and I did pick just a few tiny pieces of shell, leaving the inner membrane intact. (I was thinking that I would put that baby under the light, because it seemed like mom must've rejected it). Then I thought, oh no, what am I doing?! So I put the egg back in the nest, and it looked like mom set back down. What do y'all think of this?
when you say half hatched..is half the duckling out, or you just mean he's broken the shell and you can see a little bit of him and he's got most of the shell on. it sounds like for some reason mom kicked him out..or maybe by accident he fell out. i'd hope that he'll finish hatching on his own..if it's just a little bloody..might be normal..but more than a little then he's not ready yet..poor baby. hope he's ok
Hi HDF. My very first ever hatch, I discovered by finding an egg way off the nest. I tucked it back in and all was well. I think that sometimes they can get to rocking and end up rolling themselves out. If it was bloody, it could have been stepped on or crushed a bit by mom. I'd check in the morning, if she'll let you to make sure all is well.
Hope you find it hatched and safe this morning H.
Well, Khaki wouldn't let me look.... But I heard peeps!!!!!! And the egg I saw yesterday was nowhere to be seen today, so my best guess is she is still sitting on it!

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