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I know to expect hickups with egg laying every now and then but several of my hens have been laying fairy eggs and I've has a few wrinkled eggs all within the last week. They have plenty of oyster shell and I give them egg shell too. They get a good quality layer pellets, fresh grass daily, chicken safe fruit and veg three times a week, cat kibble once a week. Fresh water is given every day.

I'm thinking it could be stress? The weather has had a sudden change and next door started building a monster of a shed right along the property line next to the coop and run. Could this have upset them or could it be something more serious like a disease?

They seem in good health, eating and drinking well, I've done health checks and couldn't spot anything wrong.
Are your birds mature and had they been laying previous to the fairy eggs and wrinkled eggs? There's a really good article about common egg problems at this link that may be helpful to you:

It's not unusual for birds to have 'hiccups' once in a while with their egg laying but it's good to be aware of what's happening and take steps if something needs to be done. If it's stress because of a building project on your neighbors property, that might be beyond your control.

Good luck to you, I hope the information in the article is helpful.
That link helped a lot thanks.
It seems I didn't get wrinkled eggs but the slab sided ones. My flocks a mix of ages, most are in their second or third year of laying, only one is in her first year of egg production. A couple of my hens went broody, my RiR was the top of the pecking order so having to put her in the broody cage to brake her might have added to the stress of the flock.
I think I'll put it down to stress and just keep a good eye on them.
Stress can do a number of funny things (to people as well as animals). Good for you on keeping a close eye on your flock. I'm glad the article helped, it's been a useful reference to me a number of times.

Have a good day!

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