Half size and shell-less eggs from 2 1/2 year old hen


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Sep 9, 2008
I have two Barred Rock hens left (I posted about one passing away abruptly last week). One of them is laying big beautiful brown eggs every day.

The other is having some odd issues (she's my favorite and I hope she's ok). Yesterday morning when I went out to feed them there was a shell-less (or very thin shelled as it had the consistancy of wet paper) egg that had broken open under where they roost. I quickly cleaned it up.

This morning there was the same thing, but there was also a little tiny shell-less egg about half the size of a normal egg that hadn't broken open. Again, I quickly cleaned it up and decided to see what was inside the half-size "egg." I broke it open and it had the clear whites and then a small opaque white part that looked like it might have tried to have been a yolk.

My girls have oystershell available to them and I've seen the girl with the problems eat it regularly. We decided yesterday to cut out all "treats" and just have them eat the layer's ration with some oystershell mixed in.

The other thing I've noticed is that she's slowly losing some of her feathers on the front of her lower neck. Could she possibly be molting or is there something else that might be going on? TIA.
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I also just found that someone - don't know who is laying shell-less eggs. Like a thin leather shell egg. The chickens ate it. I am looking for info - the cause and treatment. Thanks.
I know someone will ask so how old are they and do they free range the only thing i can think of is sometimes when they first start laying you will get some like that also did you check them for mites maybe somethng has them under stress sorry i can't be more help.
I just found my answers.This question has been asked a couple of times in the next couple pages. Thanks.
They are two to three years old and are not free range right now. This morning she didn't lay any of the shell-less eggs though.

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