Hand feeding yearling


May 26, 2020
Hello everybody, I have today become the owner of a new yearling white peacock named PipA who is getting accustomed to his 300 sqr ft pen. Been reading all the great threads on here but have to ask, do those of you who hand feed them notice any hostility or aggression toward humans developing?
We have no other birds for the moment but expect to change that very soon. While it’s just us, we figured it would be best to get him acclimated to a routine and our breeder told us she never hand feed them because they can get attached or defensive toward humans with too much direct interaction.
Flash back to a turkey farmer I’ve seen who had trained them as pets. Immediately chased any human who approached except for their mother human.
I’ve seen some great stories from @zazouse who has a very beautiful bond. We are very caring animal owners normally so don’t want to over do it if given the chance. Safer to be sure!
There s a difference between 'Imprinted' and 'Tame'. An imprinted bird grew up with a human as its mother and has a bond that will eventually become an equal to the human. Imprinted can but not always, become aggressive during breeding season when you violate its breeding 'territory'. Imprinting a hen is not as dangerous but it will become the bossy hen and does not get along well with other birds although it will raise tame chicks. A tame bird that will eat from your hand but not allow you to touch it is not as likely to become aggressive as it maintains a healthy fear of you.

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