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Sep 27, 2014
Hello, I am you-da-chick, and today I got my first chicks today. I got about 1 week old 8 barred Plymouth rocks. So far they are eating great, drinking, sleeping, running around and having a good time. How do you get chicks used to handling? They are already pretty tame, but are a bit cautious around my hand. I have been putting food in my hand and letting them eat. I also picked them up gently, and stroked their back. Any good ways to approach handling that you'd recommend, or is this pretty good? Also I have another question: I raise mealworms originally for my beaded dragon, and I gave a few to the chicks. Is it not recommended, should I kill the mealworms, feed them live, wait till the chicks are older?

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Mar 25, 2009
So Cal
Hold off on the treats until they are older. Everything else sounds fine. Don't handle them too much, maybe once or twice a day. I usually just handled them briefly to take them out of their brooder when it needed cleaning and for food and water changes.

It just takes time and patience when you're trying to "socialize" your chicks. Some will never be comfortable being handled, others might just end up being lap chickens. Either way, they are wonderful to have around.

Enjoy your babies!

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