Handling Eggs to be consumed

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    Wondering what the prefered method of egg care to be consumed. We collect every day and wash as well.. We have had no issues as of yet but are giving away to some friends so we want to be careful.. Thanks for any suggestions..
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    I don't wash mine - just collect them, stick them in the carton and put them in the fridge. Even the ones I'm selling. In my CL ad, I put a disclaimer that they are farm-fresh, unwashed eggs, so people don't panic if there is a speck on them here or there. The last thing the hen does before she lays the eggs is put the "bloom" on it which is a protective layer. Washing just washes that off and allows bacteria to enter, so its better not to wash them. As long as they don't poop in the nest box it is rare to get soiled eggs anyway, but in the event you do, it would be better to just use a dry cloth to wipe them clean.
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    I think the preferred method would be the method you prefer.

    Here is a link to the USDA Egg Grading Manual. There is some information on cleaning, handeling and storing eggs. This is the industry standard and with this info you can see what suits your needs.

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    I don't wash right away either. Just collect and put in fridge. I rinse them right before I use them. When we sell or give eggs to others, we always explain about the bloom and what it does, and tell them to rinse just before use. I do have one hen that will occasionally lay on the coop floor rather than the nest box or out in the run. Those can be extra dirty, so I rub them off with a soft brush or a damp cloth, trying to wash off as little bloom as possible.
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    I agree don't wash!! We just refridgerate ours and use them straight from the fridge! This world has become paranoid about germs/bacteria. You only build up an immmunity to them if you get some in the first place......
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    Quote:This is what I do and this tends to be my attitude. Poopy eggs get rinsed in very warm water and used (by me) next.

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