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    Hi guys, just wondering why its repeatedly suggested that you tame/handle roosters at night?

    LOVE my rooster hes SO handsome, protective, chivalrous and just such a fantastic alpha! I used to pick him up when hed do his 'dance' warning me off but now hes that little bit bigger stronger and faster haha so i cant usually just grab him up in one clean easy sweep anymore. Was wondering if they are more placid at night or something to try picking him up more often then. But ive always avoided going into the shed after night as I dont want to frighten them..

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    What people are referring to, when they recommend handling roosters at night, is their docile state after they've gone to roost. This is true of hens as well. They seem to suspend their tendencies to panic and evade when you take them gently off their perches as it becomes dark. No need to fear that you'll frighten them since they are in this docile state.

    Go ahead and see for yourself. Just be calm and make no sudden movements. They'll calmly watch you and that's all. Reach out and touch them. They won't do anything other than utter a few sounds.

    I have one hen who has always hated me, making it impossible to handle her. This is the only way I've been able to get close to her to treat her feet for a leg mite problem. I am easily able to squirt the medicine on her feet as she sits calmly on her perch at night.

    However, using this period to try to tame a rooster isn't going to accomplish anything along those lines. You still need to establish dominance over him during the day when he's displaying aggressive behavior. There are many good articles on how to tame a roo so I won't get into it here.

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