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    I make these to order. Most orders will be filled in 7-14 days. Each bar is individually made to order specifications. Colors will vary. Or you can request uncolored & it will be whatever the natural color of the component combination produces.
    Prepayment required. I accept paypal or postal money order. Shipping costs will depend on number of bars & actual shipping cost.

    Choose your Components:

    Base Soap
    Goat's Milk
    Three Butter (Cocoa, Shea & Mango)
    Baby Buttermilk

    ADD PUMICE to any bar for 20 cents per bar

    Chick in Egg (4.25 oz) $4.25 per bar
    Plain Rectangle (3.5 oz) $3.50 per bar
    Oval with raised Rooster (4.75 oz) $4.75 per bar
    Rectangle Honeycomb with Bees (3.5 oz) $3.50 per bar
    Heart (3.0 oz) $3.00 per bar

    Additional Shapes for "guest" bars on order & will arrive soon


    Fragrance-F OR Essential Oil-EO (the oil provides the fragrance)
    Creamy Coconut-F
    Honey Almond-F
    Cucumber Melon-F
    Country Apple-F
    Baby Powder-F
    Spring Green-F
    Warm Vanilla Sugar-F
    Tea Tree-EO
    Cherry Vanilla-F

    SPECIALTY BARS: (pick your shape above to determine price) Add 20 cents for bars containing pumice
    Acne Bar-Honey base, Pumice, Tea Tree Oil
    Gardener's Bar-Goat's Milk & 3 Butter Base mix, Pumice, Spring Green Fragrance
    Mechanic's Bar-Honey base, Pumice, Aloe fragrance
    Baby Bar-Baby Buttermilk base, Baby Powder Fragrance-no color added
    Dry Skin Bar-Goat's Milk, Oatmeal & 3 butter base mix, pick your fragrance

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