Hanging magnet for sexing!!!

Sorry, this is an old wive's tale, like so many others. Wish it DID work! Some even say you can do this over an egg and it will tell you whether that egg would hatch out male or female. Silliness to be sure, but it's fun, anyway!
I've read that you can put a chick on its back and if it is a female it will pull its legs toward its body, and if it is a male it will let its legs relax. It kind of worked on our 17 week chicken a while back. :)
I wonder what, exactly, the magnet is supposed to be reacting to????
I'm trying to research it, but since my feed store guy told me about it I've been doing it. Waiting it out and ITS BEEN %100 CORRECT!!!!!!!!! Maybe an ol wives tail, but that wife my friend was right!!!
I flipped my pullet upside down and she just relaxed her legs. She, too, was 17 weeks old at the time. She's a constant layer now :3 So I think it's safe to say that it's a myth :)
I'd like to know the thought process that led to it....hhhmmmmmmmmmmm, I've got this magnet just hanging around, there must be something I can do with it.....

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