Hannibal Lector in the pen


12 Years
Sep 15, 2010
Ozawkie, KS
I came out this morning to feed & water the Chukar they looked healthy as heck. Came back to check on there feed an water at noon as I always do. I jad three dead one gone and one almost dead. It has no feathers on its back or neck and has a spot on its neck where it looks like the others had been pecking.
After further inspection of the dead I had noticed the very same thing happened to them I have one I am tring to save, but not sire I can. He has his head all swelled up and one eye closed. After about an hour away for the others who have ecaped and diapeared because I by accident bumped the door open. The one I am tring to save stood up an looked for some water and he found it. Sould I let it feed or give it a few more hours?

Any advice from you chukar pro's

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