Happy Birthday Nugget!

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    Jun 1, 2011
    Tomorrow is my favorite hen, Nugget's Birthday! It's hard to believe I've had her for almost a year!
    Nugget's Story

    Who knew that a little australorp pullet from Southern States could become the best chicken I’ve ever owned!
    March 14, 2011…. About a hundred or more chicks are settled in big tubs with food and water at our local Southern States Store. I walk in to take a look with my family and it was so tempting to buy. We already had 14 hens but wanted chicks so bad...we got six chicks free because we bought a bag of feed. We settled our chicks into their new home. We had two of each breed and they were all pullets, Golden laced Wyandotte, buff orpingtons, and my favorite, Black australorps. They were named Hokie, Morgan, Tinker Belle, Awesome , Alice, and Nugget. I fell in love with Nugget as soon as I saw her. She was the cutest thing ever! I played with Nugget everyday and she soon became calm and loving…….and thinking I was her ‘mom’!
    Chick days were pleasant and sweet. The chicks were so sleepy the first days of life. They would stand under the heat lamp and slowly fall down head first into a sweet little nap. I talked about Nugget all the time, most people didn’t care about what I said but to me she was my life! I spent endless times with Nugget, but it all went by so quick. I cared for my chicks everyday and spent the most of my free time with Nugget. She was a dream come true.
    I loved hearing the sweet little peeping and chirping the chicks made. Their warm bodies and there need to be close to you warmed my heart. And most of the time I wonder, “what would I do without my chickens?”……..I don’t even want to know! After about two-weeks the chicks had a growth spurt and their size went up and they began growing feathers here and there. I have now decreased the temperature by 10°F. Nugget is coming along well. She is the calmest of all our chicks and I had to show favoritism towards her. She would climb up my chest and snuggle on my shoulder. Peeping to keep in touch with me. She grew up fast, and at about 8 weeks I took her on her first bike ride! She loves riding and rides with me almost every time I ride! She is becoming a best friend! Nugget and I go picking blackberries every now and then, boy I’ve never seen a chicken love blackberries that much(actually I don’t think I’ve even seen one eat a blackberry)! To tell you the truth, I think she likes blackberries more than I do!
    I’ve decided to show Nugget at the State Fair Poultry Show! I ordered leg bands and they fit her well...they are blue and she is number 100! I can’t wait until the show! Nugget is about 7 months old now and is laying pretty, little, brown eggs! Nugget is a beautiful black australorp, and I couldn’t ask for one any better! She’s the best chicken ever! Nugget won Res. Champion Large Fowl, Champion English Class, and Best Australorp....she is also going to another show in a few weeks :)


    Go to http://www.youtube.com/user/ChickenGurl15 for more of Nugget's Videos!

    So, let's have a BYC party! Everyone is invited!


    Nugget is my inspiration to raise chickens. Without her, I don't think I would raise chickens anymore. I wouldn't give her up for 1 million dollars. She isn't named after chicken Nuggets, she's named after gold nuggets. She is special, spunky, strong, and has a great personality. I will never forget my first chick, my first show with her, and those amazing bike rides with her. She is amazing in every single way.
    I love you Nugget!

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    Yay!!!! Happy Birthday Nugget. Woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Nov 22, 2011
    Central Virginia
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    Thanks for the tale of Nugget! It was good to hear! What a great bird!
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    She is your golden gal! Awesome story!
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NUGGET !!!!! Great story
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    is that a picture of santa claus holding nugget [​IMG]
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    Jun 1, 2011
    Nugget is officially a 'hen'. I've had her for one year It's hard to believe. Happy Birthday Nugget!
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    Dec 22, 2011
    Right here
    happy b-day

    that's funny my geese and cochin b-day was march 8th
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    Feb 27, 2011
    Thanks for the cute video! I forwarded the link to my brother and friend so they could see it too! My Australorp is my favorite chicken too! We call her our hardest working chicken--she lays the most eggs, forages for most of her food and has raised a little family! Go Aussies!

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