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8 Years
Feb 2, 2011
New Market, Al
My babies are 6 weeks old this week.
Since week 2 or 3 we have spent afternoons on field trips playing in the little back yard patio pen i have for my small house dog.
Their permanent home is almost finished...(hopefully by the weekend if the weather holds out)
This week, I have been putting them in their run in the AM and back into the brooder at night.
I have been hesitant to let them run loose (even supervised) in the "BIG YARD" because of loose neighborhood dogs and the fear I would not be able to catch them. Last night just before dusk i opened the run and let them wander out into the "BIG YARD" on their own.
Nugget the Wellsummer was ready for the adventure and led the flock out of the run. Only chicken "farmers" will understand my joy when my 6 week old chicks followed me around the yard. Just before dark, I went to sit on the porch by the back door...they came up on the porch with me and tried to roost on the box I cart them back and forth in, I am sure so I could take them to bed. HOW FUN!!!!!!!

L O V E I T !!!!!


Yay! That's awesome.

That's not the Nugget that instigated naming chicks "Nugget Farts", is it? Now I have the desire to go rehash the flatulent chicks thread.
It is so much fun having chickens , but a small word of caution my baby BRs did the same thing we would sit on the back porch all the time I would even let them go in and out the back door when they were still little and staying inside but then they got bigger and moved out to the coop and they free range during the day and poop ALL over the back porch my son was constantly tracking it in ( and were talking big poops and the flies that are attracted to it) So I put a bench in the grass to the side of the porch that I sit on and feed them treats from and they also roost there during the day but it took about a month before they didn't poop on the porch as much, but they do still peck at the back door from time to time:)
No, but hey will you send me a link to that thread? Please? I have never seen it

Found it! Funnest thread ever.

Butt Tuba and Musical Butt
crackle me up!
Thank you Anianna!


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