hard poop, no appetite

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    Feb 22, 2015
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    My week old Isa brown is having troubles. Her poo is super dry and clumps up at her exit. I pulled it off (along with some fur) yesterday and today it was back! She isn't eating, and she's the only one in the bunch who isn't growing on pace with the group. I pulled the poop off again, and she just sits alone while everyone else rushed the feed. I'm feeding them chick starter only. Should I include some sand for grit? Are the two related?
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    I would try dropper feeding her electrolytes like sav-a-chick or home made, gatorade or sugar water every half hour or so and see if she takes it well and her poop changes color. Once you have hydrated her over several hours, try mashing a little of her crumbles into the dropper water. See if she deals with that. She may have coccidiosis or an infection. Did her naval heal properly? If she wont take the feedings, there may not be much else you can do. :( I hope this helps, and works. It'll be a long night for you both. They do sell chick grit or a little sand is ok at first but really they don't need it this week and it has nothing to do with her problem. Wishing you the best....

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