Hard shell egg inside a soft shell egg

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    Sep 11, 2010
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    Hello all, I'm new to the BYC and real excited to find out about this forum! I've had my RIR for three weeks and these girls are super happy in their homemade chicken tractor. Watched one gulp down a garter snake the other day, cool! My question is I've had a girl lay a HUGE --- HOLY COW AS I WRITE THIS A RED-TAILED HAWK FLYS UP AND LANDS ON THE CORNER OF THE HOUSE!!! I TAKE THIS PIC.---
    What a rush to see that beautiful predator studying the chicken tractor for weaknesses! I love having these chickens!

    Anyway, she laid a huge soft shell egg with a yolk and a normal hard shell egg inside the soft shell. I just cleaned off the normal egg and put it up with the rest. Is this just a fluke or something I need to worry about? Here is a pic of the monster soft shell double egg:

    Most answers I've found are that is just happens sometimes and nothing is wrong, hope that is the case!
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    Yes, it most likely is just a fluke.

    Most of us are so used to store-bought eggs. Obviously, the odd ones don't show up there.

    I agree, what a thrill to see that hawk up so close and sitting still for you.
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    Someone else posted a pic a cpl weeks ago of an egg inside an egg. We had a good laugh about Siamese chickens.but I have no answer for you. Hope you don't free range that hawk looked hungry

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