Hard Time Getting Humidity Up For Lock Down


9 Years
Jun 17, 2010
Hi I A Putting My Eggs Into Lockdown Taking A While To Get Back To 100 But The Humidity Will Not Go Above 52% I Put A Whole Bottle Of Water In Do I Need To Add More Water
throw some paper towels or socks in there... make it soak it up, but also wick the humidity in the air better... try different stuff...

good luck...
it not about how much water is in there it the surface area of the water. so instead of a bottle try something with a larger opening so more surface area of water is exposed
Do you have the vents opened? I would close them if you do. Also, water surface is the thing to worry about, like another member mentioned, and the idea of wet papertowels or socks is great!

I believe you want the humidity to be around 60-65%......Good luck!

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