Hardware Cloth-HELP PLEASE!!


8 Years
May 12, 2011
I know this subject has been beat to death.............but someone had posted a website where the hardware cloth was CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP and included shipping. It was amazingly cheap.

Anybody remember the site??? Or, if you know where to find great deals on it, please feel free to list the sites.

I used the search engine, but there are so many threads it would take me YEARS to go through it.

Thank you! Those prices are reasonable. Didn't look at the shipping yet. This site had free shipping and prices were crazy cheap. I KNOW I bookmarked it, but sure as heck can't find the bookmark and have gone through them all.
Yep, the link I provided to CSN stores does give free shipping on most orders. I think if you're spending over 75-100.00. I ordered 100ft rolls of the 36" wide, 1/4" hardware cloth with free shipping. I won't say it's "cheap" because hardware cloth just isn't, but I couldn't find anywhere that charged less.
Thank you. I need to order at least one roll for now, and I need the size you got as well.
Look for the galvanized after weld kind, not the galvanized before weld (this is a cheaper product that doesn't last as long). There also can be quality variation with welded wire, too. I bought some cheap welded wire on Amazon to finish up an apron around my last run and it was pretty bad quality. The welds were popping apart even as I was installing it.
Thank you. I need to order at least one roll for now, and I need the size you got as well.

You're welcome. It was free shipping for one roll - I checked, but I ended up buying 3. I haven't had any problems with it. It seems well made. Still in the building process though, but here's what it looks like if this helps: (I kind of blacked out the people working on the run, so just ignore that.)

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