hardware cloth liner for run, inside or out ???

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by deanna&rich, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. deanna&rich

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    Jun 2, 2009
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    Most folks on here put a hardware cloth (fencing) liner around the bottom two feet of their chain-link run, and some say to put more fencing on the ground to keep predators from digging in.

    Do you put the fencing on the ground INSIDE the run, or around the OUTSIDE of the run?

    Thanks for your answers, we were given a couple of unwanted ducklings and have a 6ft tall chainlink dog kennel (10' x 5') for them so far, with more territory and a pond to come soon. They're about 2 months old now.

  2. Mahonri

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    Outside the run... predators can sometimes 'push' the hardward cloth in, but if it's outside of the 2X4s or 2X6s, it helps to make it predator proof...

    and you bury it at least 8 inches to a foot into the ground.
  3. kingmt

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    May 1, 2009
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    I second that.
  4. rainplace

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    If you're unable to dig 8 inches down around the entire pen, you can make a "skirt" of wire around the pen and put dirt and rocks on top of it.
  5. Violet22

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    Jul 3, 2009
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    I agree with the previous posters, but also have an opinion on which side to put the hardware cloth on the sides, if you are using chain link. I put mine on the outside, and when I put my ducks in, a couple of them tried poking their heads through the chain link, I have always been worried that somehow they might get their heads stuck between it and the hardware cloth, even tho it is tight, so I thought I would put it on the inside if I add on, and eventually redo what I have done. Probably nothing to worry about, but I am a worry wart! [​IMG]
  6. iamcuriositycat

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    Jul 30, 2009
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    I put wire under the pen to keep predators out too, and then top it with bedding to protect their feet. I don't use hardware mesh, though--just cheap rusty welded wire I already have lying around the property. So far, the main digging predators we've had have been the larger type (foxes, raccoons) that can't get through the 2-inch welded wire openings, so it's enough of a deterrent. I basically just lay the wire down around the perimeter of the run, then put the chain link panels down on top of the wire, and connect them with zip ties. There is not wire under the *entire* run--just the two to three feet around the perimeter--enough to convince a large predator it's not worth the trouble.

    For smaller predators--rats, snakes, turtles (are there predatory turtles that also dig? I dunno), you might want to go with the hardware mesh.

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