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I am looking at the best wire to use for my coop and run. I know there is many different opinions on this topic and have been doing research. I am leaning toward 1/2" hardware cloth and have been pricing it. I am looking at right at 100 foot of 24” and 10 foot of 36” to cover everything. I know that it is not cheap and I am not expecting a miracle but was just wondering where everyone bought their fencing supplies and what they used. I have looked at my local Lowes and Home Depot and they seem little expensive at over a dollar a sq foot. Just wondering if anyone has a website or supplier they have used that might save a little money. Thanks in advanced.

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Do more research on BYC, but welded wire (2X4" rectangles) can be used for every thing except what needs to be "Coon" proof. Seems the little buggers might grab a chx and pull her through the larger wire
or try to tunnel in underneath. Time is of the essence, it takes longer than you think to make this all happen.

Quote: "Two things are sure, 1. this project won't just fall together, and 2. it very well may just fall apart." ... Steve Rielly

p.s. have fun, take lots of pictures, post them on BYC, it's a great help to those who follow.

p.p.s. lowes and HD do not not not have the best prices on many things
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That does sound expensive. What gauge are you looking at? Unless my quick math calculations are off, I don't pay anywhere near that much for the vinyl coated 19 gauge I buy from Davidsons:


I did look at the wire they had for sale at our local Lowes and Home Depot and was not pleased with the quality. When the roll on the shelf already has some of the welds breaking, that's not a good sign. But stock may differ in different areas of the country.

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