Harrisburg, Pa. area

Bantam Fantam

6 Years
Nov 14, 2013
Harrisburg,Pa. area
I realize this is not the best time for young roosters but I have two 4 month old Splash Silkie/ Bantam Salmon Faverolle mixes that need some girls of their own. They have been hand raised since hatching, will make wonderful pets and have beautiful coloring. They have very heavily feathered legs and feet, the Silkie type comb and the light skin coloring like their Faverolles mother. I raised both parents as pets and expect these guys to have the same docile nature. They will stay Bantam size and would produce some beautiful chicks when crossed with Silkies or Cochins. I also have their twin sisters hatched the same day and may consider letting them go as a unit if they were all to be kept together. They are great little birds and I would expect them to be raised as pets and NOT dinner. I'm assuming that by listing them here on BYC they would be treated as pets , handled frequently and well cared for. I am in the Harrisburg area (Hershey), and not comfortable shipping them so it would be pick up or meet at a reasonable distance from here. I can provide additional pictures and info and discuss half way meeting arrangements here on BYC. Thanks for looking.

Thank you for you interest but I am not comfortable shipping as I have had some bad experiences. These are great little birds and I don't want to risk their safety. Thank you again for you response.

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