Has anyone bought the nest box on ebay that opens from the back?


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Apr 30, 2011
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Hi has any one bought the ready made nest box that open from the back not the top? Building a coop by my lonesome and thought these would be great (less work) but worried about the size I have 3 heavy breed girls out of my 5 and the 11 3/4 width is it a worry for them? I like the way it open so the snow doesn't fall in. What do you all think, here is the link.
there nice looking, but not for my neck of the woods, there made thin, mine are so insulated its silly LOL, I would love these if I did not live in a cold climate half a year or more lol

The product says it is 20 or so inches high. I think they are talking about the exterior of the nest? I would personally ask them about the interior dimensions.

Additionally it says that each accommodates 8 hens? If they mean that each nest is good for 4 hens and there are two nests so that equals eight hens then i understand. If they are meaning that each nest will handle eight layers I doubt it.

It may be a great product, I would just ask questions.

Good luck
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Thanks I have asked a few, he sells a single too. I guess the big question is will a buff orpington fix OK?
winters are lows are usual around 30- 27, very rarely like this year down to 5 for a few days. new to this not sure what to do.
I have two of the two nest box's on my 12x12 shed turned into hen house. My Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks fit just fine.
Oh thanks SOOOooooo Much! SO you like them? I am a couple of months away form worrying about installing them, as my girls are still young but that takes a load off my mind have a great day.

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