HAs anyone does this yet ?


My Girls
13 Years
Jun 11, 2009
After spending a wonderful day (not) in Atlanta!! (work meeting) and feeling the beautiful warm 50 degrees I arrive last night back in cold (still alot of snow) ct.
I am so tired of this snow!!!
so here go's my thoughts and question, could I, should I, take the snow blower and clear out some heavy compacted snow? so first, i can get to the outside firepit and grill!!!???

I went outside a few minutes ago, with a shovel (heavy metal one) and tried lifting the snow, too heavy and icy like.

The back of where i want to remove the snow is blocked by the human house etc. etc. its going to take all summer for this crap (mm sorry stuff) to melt.

your feedback is vital to me! as i am going (kids too) insane stuck in the house!!!!! we venture outside to play a bit, but not much. i have already cleaned the windows of the human house cleaned the house. now what... the outdoors is next.

We grill and BBQ in the winter when we have snow. Can the blower handle the heavey snow? Get the kids to help move the snow.
okay. so i did listen to him. glad i did. some way digging out the grill, there was lots of ice, good thing i didnt use the snowblower. i would have def broken it.
i am almost clear of it!!

lots of shoveling. hands are killing me. but almost there!
We do the opposite in the summer. Turn the AC on really low and then light a fire. It gets so stinkin hot here, we really can't wait for fall and winter. And then we want spring. But no one wants summer here.

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