has anyone ever made an eye patch for their chicken?

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    I am thinking one like a pirate [​IMG]

    Sweet Pea my EE who is very slowly recovering (pushing through) from Mareks and is presently in a sling while her leg gets better. She is now blind in one eye so when she goes to feed she tilts her head to the side and food is getting stuck in it and basically crusting over. I try to limit my contact with her as much as is humane (waiting until before I shower usually to deal with her (although I visit a lot just I don't touch) anyway washing her eye out a few times a day is not an option so I was thinking I could clean it out, put on some bacitracin (sp?) and then an eye patch so it could not get messed up anymore.

    Any pics or suggestions would be most appreciated. [​IMG]

    Here is a pic I cleaned it out last night and was trying to figure out if she had CRD or something and was considering culling until I watched her eating and realized what the real problem was. She just finished eating and look at it. [​IMG]

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    I don't think she would tolerate an eyepatch. She will adapt and be fine with one eye. Good luck
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    I know she will adapt I dont want to have to wash it out all the time and risk constant infection. Besides she tolerates quiet a bit actually.
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    I don't know if you'll see this, I see the thread is old but thought it couldn't hurt to ask...we have a 7 week old who was attacked by a dog. She's doing quite well, but lost an eye and we thought the same thing 'eye patch'. Did you try it? If so, where'd you get one, or how did you make one? How did she do? Accept it or not? Hope she recovered well. Any info is appreciated! My husband is betting there ARE such things.....
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    Just a thought - I wonder if a vet could sew the eye shut if it would stay clean and keep out bacteria.
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