has ANYONE heard of a crop not holding food?

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Jul 29, 2011
I can't find information ANYWHERE. Please don't read this and not respond. If you've read this and have heard of this happening, or if you have experience with this, PLEASE advise if you can.

I think it's the end of the road for my chick. She's VERY strong today, has control of her head/neck, can life her head, put it down, etc. Every once in awhile it flops. She can stand if she backs into something. So she has drastically improved from this comatose state. BUT, I'm still syringe feeding her because her head just flopped into the oatmeal/yogurt mixture and I don't want further injuries. I have been giving her 18 cc's of yogurt for a day because of her almost complete watery diarrhea. I just ave her 25 cc's and her crop is TOTALLY EMPTY. I can't find information on this anywhere, in my books, google, etc.

Has ANYONE heard of this? I'm ALL EARS.

First off, an avian vet told me never to feed any bird any kind of yogurt. I realize it's popular advice here, but an avian vet does know better.

A crop is a reserve pouch, food can be just moving to the stomach. Feed it something more nutritional like mush made from chick feed (add water).
It does sound like the chick needs something more substantial. Yogurt is not an all the time thing you should give them. Do you have any Save-A-Chick? I would be giving it some of that along with some mash.
Have you tried encouraging her to eat with some scrambled egg or just wheat bread? I keep a can of Hill's A/D for drastically declining birds and cats. Many vets carry it. I've made a mash of hard boiled egg yolk, corn meal, and enough milk to make it pasty. I've used that to rehab a dove, and I think it's helping my hen right now. I agree with the other posters, you need to get some nutrition in her rather than yogurt even if you have to syringe it down. Feeding syringes like for baby exotics may be helpful. Good luck!
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