Has anyone heard of a featherless chicken? **links provided**

My husband called my at work to tell me about the same chicken but I did not see it until now. I think it's pretty sad. I don't really understand the reason to do that to an animal. I wonder how much money was spent to come up with this. Probably could have paid several chicken plucker salaries.
Haven't seen any in the US nor offered here.

I can just see it now Naked Ameraucanas in Phoenix. (it get's warm here)
the chicken is already lacking the gene for feathers

this was something that occured on its own... and they bulit on it
Won't they get sunburned? They'd need to live on the coast somewhere where it is humid, warm but not too hot, and warmer winters....otherwise they need to live in the house!
Oh my gosh.....that poor little hen she was holding was trying to fly away! I didn't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for the poor bird! Those wings were just going like a little hummingbird!
i think in the video either a chicken was about to poop or about to lay an egg..
is it normal for the combs of the roos supposed to be that big?

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