Has anyone made a wiggler out of a plastic easter egg?


10 Years
Jun 20, 2009
LI, New York
I can't find a water wiggler and started to try and figure out how to make my own. I started with a zip-loc baggie, fought with it then had an "aha" moment.
We have some of those plastic eggs that sandwich together, and I thought a water baloon inside it with the probe shoved inside the baloon. I figure drill a hole for the wire to stick out.
The last hatch the water wiggler would "travel" on the turner, so I figured the plastic egg in the turner would work better. I am just unsure if it will really work.

Anyone try this? I have eggs that will be going in tomorrow.

Jess N Jeff

10 Years
Oct 25, 2009
South San Diego, Cali
I made one out of a real egg. I poked a hole in one end big enough to fit the end of the thermometor probe(walmart brand), cleaned out all the egg stuff and cleaned with water. I filled it with cheap hair gel and closed the end off with expandable sealant foam (homedepot). Gave it a day to let everything dry really well. Worked great.
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