Has anyone registered w/ the VA Dept. of Agriculture?


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Mar 25, 2008
I was wondering if anyone in Virginia has registered with the Virginia Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services? When my chicks got sick right after I got them I was working with a vet from the USDA in Richmond. She e-mailed me yesterday to check on the chicks and asked if I had registered with the Dept. of Agriculture yet. I read that it is voluntary, but am a little unclear as to what this does for or to me. Is this a good thing or should I steer clear of it?
I don't really care to have health inspectors visiting my home all of the time and I certainly don't need anymore on my to-do-list than is already there! Thanks!
Be very careful! I know it's the state asking you, but...

NAIS is not completely worked out yet...

I've researched NAIS a little, I just wish I could find some straight info on what is involved aside from having to crawl through the USDA's website and reading the anti-nais website.
You should review all about the NAIS at www.nonais.org and it will help you understand what she's talking about. IMO, it has no benefit for you. It's falls under the jurisdiction of Homeland Security. There's alot to research about it before you sign anything! In general, you basically will be giving up many private property rights.. if there is a suspicion that a reportable disease is in your area, they can come onto your property without a warrant and seize your flock without testing. There is much more to it and too much to write in one post.
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Say no more! I most definitely won't do it. I felt a little hesitant to begin with and didn't have a good gut feeling about it. That's why I asked! Thank you for the link. That said it all!
I don't need the government taking away anymore rights than they already have and are still trying to do. Can we say "unconstitutional"? I guess they are getting signatures to go around the rights issue. Oh well. Thanks for letting me know and for answering my question!
You will find differing opinions on this. On the surface, when they say it will help them track disease outbreaks, it sounds like they're trying to take care of us. Then, you realize that there are already plenty of programs in place for that and they just need to be implemented. There is no way the measures they want us to take will do anything to stop any disease outbreak. It just cant be of any use, except to track the people and who owns what. There is so much to this that it is impossible to really discuss it here and please, do not take my opinion without doing your own research on this issue. I feel it has frightening implications for the small farmer and the backyard flock owner.
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From the little that I have already read, I completely agree with you. I look forward to reading up some more on it. I didn't like the fact that as I looked through the website that was provided to me by the USDA coaxing me to register (ha! ha!), I couldn't find any straight forward information on this. That was my first clue to guessing that something wasn't right about it. Is this a bill that has to be passed by congress? If so, I would think that if enough small farmers and backyard flock owners/pet owners got together and fought it, it might not pass. I might be to late on this subject, but it would be more than worth the fight if it hasn't already been lost. Thanks again!
There is the Federal level and then the individual states can make even tougher laws than the feds. Wisconsin already has a mandatory Animal ID, for instance. To me, it is entirely unconstitutional. I have a right to feed my family without asking the gov'ts permission. My small closed flock that never leaves my property, except for a few cockerels I must dispose of here and there, does not pose a threat to anyone else, so why must I give govt agents to tromp onto my land and do whatever they want anytime they want? I'm not sure where they are on this right now. They seem to keep repackaging it to seem more palatable to the small farmers and backyard flock owners, but they dont realize that there are millions of city chickens on tiny city lots all over this country. Seems ridiculous to register every one of those lots as a farm, doesn't it? Usually the ones who are all for it in govt are the people in their designer shoes who think all chickens are nasty creatures, only come in white and have never actually seen one in person...them along with Big AgriBiz. To keep up with the latest news, check into that site I gave you every couple of days.
Will do! This is something that EVERY person who owns a chicken needs to keep up with. Thanks again for all the information!

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