Has anyone's pekin duck set her nest to term?

Mine right now is actually way past when her first eggs would have hatched, but they were late quitters so she is now patiently waiting for me to give her eggs from my incubator when they're about to hatch. She's always been very broody and I really don't do anything to encourage her. I just let her make a nest and sit. Most in the breed aren't like that though, the broodiness has been nearly eradicated from them.
Thanks for the info. I already know they are prone to leave before hatching the eggs. Just wanted to know if anyone has had one to set on it for the entire term. This time my Prissy has been sitting for about a week I think. She only has 3 eggs so she has already stopped laying and is getting slower to get off that nest and eat or bathe. As soon as she gets a bite to eat and a drink she goes right back to her nest. In the past I have always picked up her eggs but she is letting me know this time to stay away from them. I don't have an incubator so if she can't do it by herself then I guess there won't be any baby ducks at my house.

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