Has the Marans Bubble Burst?


11 Years
Jun 2, 2008
Salley SC
I was just checking the Eggbid site for the chick listings. There are are only three listings for Marans and only one has a bid. A word of warning if you do want to bid on these. One seller is shipping week old chicks, another wants to ship today chicks that will be two days old. Depending on where you live these could take a long 2 days to arrive. The chances for survival is poor. Be sure you order chicks from someone who at least has some idea about what they are doing, and are considering the welfare of the chicks.


11 Years
May 23, 2008
Cumberland, VA
cool deal...I have 8 breeds of marans and a solid line of blrw from the barber line so im happy as can be. The marans have declined and yes the bubble burst but im still getting 50-60 per dozen including shipping and not many breeds can do that. As long as there is a breed like the marans that lay as dark as an egg as they do they will always carry a large premium. No not 100-200 for a half dozen but still well worth raising them. Also people have slowed with what they are spending due to the economy. Either way im happy as I have top of the lines for both. Oh and just in case someone wants to get a start on BLRW I have them for sale as hatching eggs and chicks this spring/early summer.



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Oct 6, 2008
West Michigan
My guess is that Lavender will be the next big thing. I don't think it matters what the breed... Orpingtons, Araucanas or something else... it's just a pretty pretty color.

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