Hatch-A-Long: Two Colours In Each Eye? What Will Her Babies Be....?


Sep 12, 2020
Stafford, Virginia
On the 1st of December I'm going to put some eggs in the incubator. (So they hatch on Summer Solstice! ☀️ )
I know it's early to be posting this but I have to do some preparations. *Rubs hands together gleefully*
This is an.... experimental hatch. I have a weird hen, who has two different colours in each eye. *Photo inserted below* Her name is.... Jenkins. (:gig) I'm going to breed her with my rooster Yavian (Pronounced: A vain) *Photo inserted below* I am hoping that the chicks that will hatch, will hatch with their mothers eyes. :fl
The experimental part is what I have dubbed the Refrigerator Test. (Dun, dun, dun, dun!!!) I'm going to refrigerate a bunch of eggs (Collected over a period of 1 week.) and then after they have been refrigerated (for 4 days) I'll put them in the incubator. The whole point of this experiment is to see if less roosters hatch from refrigerated eggs.

I'll start collecting the eggs on the 20th of November, put them in the fridge on the 27th of November, put them in the incubator on the 1th and (Hopefully :fl) hatch some on the 21st.

Yavian is half Pekin, half Aracuna. (If the hen we think is an Aracuna is an Aracuna) Jenkins is 3/4 Belgium Bearded D'uccle, and 1/4 Aracuna.
What colour will the chicks be? Will the chicks have the strange eyes? -We'll shall have to wait a while :mad:

Photo #1: Buddy, Aracuna?
Photo #2: Wings, Jenkins' Mum,
Photo #3: Jenkins,
Photo #4: Yavian,
I like how your starting them on Dec. 1. That's my birthday. So excited to see how they turn out!
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Sep 5, 2021
Eye-freckle on Denver:

Eye-freckle on Salt, who I lost too a hawk a few weeks ago :hit

And Creamsicle, who has some white around her pupils:

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