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    I think id die if I held this question in any longer [​IMG]

    So in interested in making a broody hatch along thread , But am I allowed? I know there is a BYC Easter hatch -along but am I still aloud to make a broody hen hatch -along that runs all year round?

    I'm just double checking so someone please inform wether Im allowed or not

    Feel free to post your expression of interest (if the threads allowed) if you whish
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    Jan 30, 2015
    Africa - near the equator
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    Lots of people participate in hatch-a-longs with broody hens instead of incubators. There is a particularly lively Easter Hatch-A-Long in progress. And I think the same folks are also hosting an April hatch--long thread.
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    Check out the hatch a long forum, you might find one in progress or you can start your own. Good luck.

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