Hatch day should have been today but they strarted Monday....

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Oct 25, 2009
There are still eggs in the bator. How long should I leave them? Should I take the chicks out since some were hatched on monday? Thanks Jessica
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Feb 27, 2010
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Take the hatch chicks out and out them in your brooder wait a few more day for the other eggs and if none are hacthed then well those eggs can be disposed of. Hope some else chimes in and helps you.


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Nov 15, 2009
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I had my first two hatch on day 21....no new pips on day 22...so, I took those two out and put them in brooder. Well, later that evening, I had another one pip....12 hours later she hatched...and Another one pipped....12 hours later, he hatched.....I waited another 12 hours and made sure no more pips and took them out. Well.....................now, I'm thinking maybe we are done. WRONG....about 6 hours later...another pip...12 hours later...another chick....waited till she was dry, took her out.
Figured on day 26 I had better throw out the ones that didn't hatch. Just to be sure, I candled them......one had movement....OMG!

Day 27 , Nothing in the morning.....well, I guess I will candle again...I go to pick it up and it had pipped on the bottom! My finger went right into the egg...by now, the chick is cheeping at me like crazy...so, I FREAK OUT and start pulling the shell off of him because IM SURE I just shrank wrapped him.

"Lucky" is doing fine now.....LMBO! He is 3 weeks old and stands up to his older siblings....should have named him Rocky...lol

SO......Don't throw any out till you are 100 % Positive....
That's just my advice.
Congrats on your hatch ! Good Luck !

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