Hatch due on the 27th.


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May 18, 2011
Hello, I would be grateful if someone could tell me when I should start lockdown. I placed the eggs at 5pm on the 6th so 5pm today is the 18th day... I have an incubater that to add water I have to open the whole door..so that means every time the door gets opened and i'm worired that that will be a problem what should I do ? Thanks
Today after five is lockdown. You need to stop turning them. Go ahead and add water so if you get early birds they will have enough humidity.
thanks !! So it will be ok to open the door to add water durning the lockdown even if there is a pip ?
I try not to but if your humidity is to low they will have a hard time hatching. Do it as quick as possible and only if you have to.
Thanks but unfortunately I can only see the first page of the chick in the shell ! all the other pages are blank. Can you try again as I would love to read it .
I don't know why its not working. I added the link using my kindle. I also put the link in another thread using my computer. Maybe that one will work. The thread is called anyone want to help me figure out how I killed my chicks. I hope that one work's. If that one doesn't work I will try again with my computer.
Hi ! I had found that link too but I can only see the first page and all the rest are blank. I have set up a system so that I can add water without opening the door ...so hopefully I'll get a good hatch ! 23 eggs !
Are you trying to open the link with a computer. Do you have the adobe reader. Or maybe give it a few minutes to load it has 15 pages. Good luck on you're 23 eggs. Make sure you post some pics.

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