Hatch experiment - Day vs evening set time


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My next egg to hatch is one that I started incubating in the evening, so it will be interesting to see what time it hatches!

It's day 25.5 (I'll call it day 26 at 9pm) and the egg has pipped externally. The next two due were also set in the evening, they're two days behind this one.

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I remember Zaz saying that eggs set at night will hatch at night, so since I forgot to set some eggs during the day, I set them a night and thought it would be a fun experiment.

I go by what I have hatched out in my cabinet bator, when I sett over 200 eggs at a time in the evening they are piping and hatch in the evening , looks like popcorn in the bator LOL

There was a third that was due, but it was malpositioned, shrink-wrapped and died before it could pip.


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