Hatch my first eggs so now what

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by CartierChicken, Jun 16, 2011.

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    I didn't think it possible, but I must have the best beginners luck there is. Anyways, I hatch 1 quail and 1 chicken. I had to help each, as they were both 2 days over and had pecked a whole 2 days prier. What are the odds that these chicks survived when they are my first eggs to try and incubate, that they were left out of the incubator for 12 plus hours(dang kids) and found ice cold, and then end up needed to be helped out of their shells.

    So now they have buddied up and doing well. But I just had a freak out moment. I have taken them out of the hatcher and placed them in a class tank with a heat lamp over it. Right away they start going to sleep on their backs with their legs sticking out. I kept thinking it was too hot, but when I made a noise they would perk up and seem fine. After doing some searches, I found many that said their chicks do this.

    So tell me, is this normal? When I move them to the other side, where the heat lamp is not, they go back to the heat lamp and sleep again, stretching their legs out.
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    Quote:Wow.... [​IMG] [​IMG]

    That's babies. Sometimes they look like someone just threw them down on the floor wing out legs sprawled beak in the litter. Just sleeping. Heat lamp may be too warm but check by putting a thermometer on the floor of the tank. Temperature should be around 90-95 Fahrenheit, 32-35 Celsius. You also want some space in the Brooder where they can get out of the heat too. First couple of days the bedding should also be paper towels so they can move around easier and don't accidentally eat litter. I am sure more experienced people than me will post too. I have only raised a few from Chicks.

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