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    Woke up this morning to find 3 new chicks in the incubator. I set 37 eggs. 4 were infertile, 1 developed a blood ring & 1 quit around day15. I don't count infertile eggs against my hatch rate. I mean, none of us will ever get an infertile egg to hatch, no matter how hard we try, right? So... That leaves 33 eggs with the ability to develop and hatch. There's 1 egg left unhatched at this point. So, starting with 33 fertile eggs & only having 2 Not hatch... That's a 94% hatch rate!!! Unbelievable! Especially when I use the crummiest incubator out there! LG9200. I can't get over how well this hatch went. [​IMG]
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    Good for you.
    I had a LG. No idea what model. It was given to me and had been out on a wood pile for about 6 years. It was missing the glass, all labels, the control knob and couldn't seal because the foam had deteriorated so badly. I put new glass on it and rebuilt the edges of the top and bottom with water putty. I used it for 2 hatches and finally dismantled it because the last hat went badly cause temps swung so widely.
    I used the heat element and the glass in my homemade incubator then threw everything else away.

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