Hatchability of eggs with runny whites?


8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
Hello all!

This will be my third year hatching chickens. The first year was a complete failure and the second a complete success (12 eggs, 1 dud, 1 late term loss=10, beautiful chicks).

The eggs were provided by my child care client and they will be providing them again. I'm assuming it's a mix of eggs from the prior years hens (older hens, nearing retirement age) and the hens from last years hatch.

Recently, they gave me some eggs for eating. I believe they were fertile (clearly defined,white disc on the yolk) but the white was very watery. I only used four brown eggs and haven't checked out the green and whites yet. I'm wondering, will the chicks develop ok in eggs that are so watery? The yolks were very "strong" and didn't break when I separated them from the whites. They were nice nd rich in color (as compared to grocery store eggs).

Thank you!
IMO the runny whites are from older eggs. OK for eating but not for hatching. Try to use eggs up to 10 days old. Make sure she dates the ones she's giving you to hatch, collects often, handles them gently and store with the small end down. Tilting the carton by putting something under one end is important too. Then turn the carton a few times a day.
Ahhhh...I see...

I saw your post and went to crack the newest eggs she gave me and indeed, they are a bit thicker. Seems to depend on which color I open too; not saying its color related but I did read the older the hen, the runnier the white and that it can vary by breed...

Oh, and last year, she simply collected the eggs over the weekend and brought them to me Monday. She stored them little egg down right on her counter and only 1 didn't develop. It may be that I just found runny whites bc I opened the oldest package first :)

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