hatchability of porous eggs


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School teacher here....I will admit that I am a novice but when I candled my eggs most of them are speckled, which I have been told means they are porous. I've also been told that porous eggs usually will not hatch. I got my eggs from a large hatchery through a school program they offer rather than a farm. This makes me believe that my eggs stand a better chance of hatching but I'm a little concerned about them being too porous. Advice please!!! I don't want my kids to be disappointed.
My standard cornish don't have great shell quality (one more thing to work on!) and occasionally I get a fairly porous egg.

They can hatch, but for me a high percentage candle as infertile. I have stopped setting them.

If they start developing they should be ok, just watch the air cell size as mentioned previously.

Good luck!
They are very hatchable. You just need to watch the humidty better if you are using a styrofoam incubator.

There is no difference in the internal part of a porous egg than a non porous egg.
I have porous eggs pipping today. It's looking to be my best hatch ever.... my first attempt was a dismal failure. So yes, porous eggs can hatch.

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