Hatched my duck eggs, stumped by ducklings color!! Bred w/ wild duck??

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    May 18, 2010
    I have 2 female White Pekins, 1 female fawn/white Indian Runner and a fawn/white Indian Runner drake. We hatched out some of the eggs, I can tell which ones are the pure runners but the pekin mixes have me stumped!! One is very dark in color, the other is much lighter but where it is colored seems to be a different shade than the rest of the fawn & whites. Is it possible for my ducks to produce a dark duckling, or did one of my pekins mate with a wild duck?? We have had wild mallards hanging out in our yard regularly and our ducks are free range. Here are some pics, the bigger ducklings are about 6 weeks old.....

    The dark one in the front has me the most confused, it's mama is a white pekin.....

    In this pic the one on the left (in the back) has a pekin mama as well as the dark one in the front. The duck in the back right corner is a pure fawn/white runner...
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    I know beans about ducks but, they are adorable - I can just hear them quack "Afflac."

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