Hatched my first chick ever today! PICS


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May 11, 2012
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He is a RIR Ameraucana mix. His Dad is half RIR half Ameraucana (the one in my avatar) and his mom is a RIR. Idk if it's a he or she, he looks like he might be bearded like the dad so I'm calling it a he for now and secretly hoping for a hen. He hatched out of a jumbo egg, (I didn't weigh it, but I can't get the lid closed well when I put them in a large egg carton) the eggs are huge compared to the silkie eggs I also have in the bator.
I'm so excited, I can see how hatching can easily become addicting.
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Habibs Hens

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Mar 31, 2012
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good luck with the rest of them

give him/her 24 hours then look at the wing pin feathers

a bot is all one length and a girl is short and long alternating

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