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  1. Hi, I'm starting a very small-scale backyard hatchery consisting of White Leghorns, Bearded D'Uccles and Rhode Island Reds. I need good names for my hatchery. I was thinking of like RS Hatchery because that's my name Ruby Smith.

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    Great name. RS Hatchery!
  3. Thinks, Do you think anthing else would be good? I got my leghorn eggs yesterday. They are my breeding stock so I can get started!!!!!!!![​IMG][​IMG]
  4. Du people enjoy ignoring my posts?

  5. nope! i just havent seen it yet... how about backyard hatchery? and doesn't it feel like nobody ever comments? bc I'm always starting a new thread and its a long time before i get any replies!!
  6. but at the same time i REALLY like RS Hatchery...

  7. i would do RS hatchery its the best yet!
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    You might get more response to your question if you posted it in the "Breeders & Hatcheries" forum. This particular forum is more about specific breeds and questions about breeding, ect.

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