Hatchery pullets


9 Years
Mar 7, 2010
Riverside, CA



I ordered 25 pullets from Ideal a few weeks ago. All arrived happy and healthy, but have quickly outgrown my brooder. I knew that I would have to sell some eventually, but was hoping to wait a little longer! I am trying to figure out how to build a bigger coop so I can keep them all, but I need to be realistic.

The girls are 4 weeks old now and I haven't taken any new pictures. Here is a list of what I have available:

- One GLW
- A few blue/black Cochins
- Black Australorps (4 or 5)
- Welsummers (at least 2)
- Light brahmas (2)
- Dark brahmas (3)

A couple more colors of brahmas and cochins that I can't recall right now. I also think that there is a male cukoo marans in the mix.

Price is per bird. PM me if interested.
Pick up in Athens area or delivery/meet in surrounding areas

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