Hatchery that doesnt make you buy 3 of each breed??

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  1. feetofclay1678

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    Jul 12, 2015
    I ordered broilers and layers from Cackle Hatchery last year, had a fantastic experience. They let me just order one or 2 of multiple different layer breeds. Went straight back to them this year and now they have a minimum of 3 of each breed :( I am so disappointed. I am limited in the chickens I can have, so I definitely don't want a bunch of the same ones.
    Do any of you know of any hatcheries that have a good breed selection, don't have minimums for each kind ordered, and sell broilers as well?
  2. ChickenHermit

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    Mar 12, 2015
    Astoria, OR
    Ideal Poultry might be a good choice- they have a dollar amount minimum ($25, I think) but not a breed or bird minimum amount. My experience with them this year was great!
  3. junebuggena

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    Apr 17, 2015
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    Time of year plays a big part in hatchery minimums. For Cackle, as long as your number of chicks total is at least 15, you can order as many or as few of each breed as you like. They also have small order specials.
    Meyer Hatchery has a 3 chick minimum starting in April. That's three chicks total, not 3 of each breed.
  4. popsicle

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    Are you sure you ordered from Cackle? They had a minimum of 5 last year--unless you ordered one of the smaller city-flock specials--or called in the order and the representative on the phone was in a good mood. I don't think their website would allow ordering pullets or straight run in anything besides multiples of 5 (I know, because I've ordered from them for several years now).

    Ideal, Murray McMurray, Meyer... lots of hatcheries will let you order 1 bird of each breed.
  5. realsis

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    Jan 17, 2013
    Meyer let's you buy as little as three chicks from April hatch and on. My Pet Chicken ships as little as three chicks as well. But my Pet Chicken gets there birds from Meyer as well. Meyer also let's you mix breeds with as few as one from whatever breed you choose which is really nice. some hatcheries makes you buy 10 to 15 of one breed. Also Meyer NEVER ships male chicks as "packing peanuts" for warmth like other hatcheries. Meyer ships chicks with a long lasting heat pack for warmth not male chicks. Also meyer will ship express depending on trip length. so meyer wI'll let you pick as little as 3 chicks to ship in three different breeds if you choose. Meyers shipping may be higher than other hatcheries but they do extra things other hatchery's dont do for shipping. if you. want a small order ID definitely choose meyer.
  6. realsis

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    Jan 17, 2013
    Cackle Will let you order as little as 3 chicks but for orders of 3 to 14 chicks THEY CHARGE YOU A EXTRA 20 DOLLARS FOR A "SMALL ORDER FEE"...so unless you order MORE THAN 14 chicks they will CHARGE YOU EXTRA...
  7. oldhenlikesdogs

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    Jul 16, 2015
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    @MyPetChickenMy Pet Chicken shares space with Meyers, they are separate businesses. Check out the My Pet chicken reviews thread, Alex explains it all. They are the only ones I use now, I have nothing but nice things to say.
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  8. popsicle

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    GUESS WHAT! Meyer will CHARGE YOU EXTRA to ship fewer than 15 birds (A EXTRA 20 DOLLARS! *actually, more than $20).

    This is a screen capture of a quick order of three (3) Egyptian Fayoumis pullets from Meyer:
    and for fifteen (15) Egyptian Fayoumis pullets from Meyer:

    Regardless, it seems to me that OP doesn't want 3 birds in the box, they want fewer than three individuals of several breeds--something like 1 each of 15 breeds. Which lots of hatcheries will happily do.

    I've had birds from Privett, Cackle, Dunlop and Ideal. They're all fine hatchery birds. I usually order from Cackle because I like the Hatchery Surprise. I sometimes order from Ideal because I want one each of several breeds (and they have lots of breeds the other hatcheries do not have like Kraienkoppe).
  9. realsis

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    Jan 17, 2013
    meyer didn't charge me extra for shipping 9 birds. Cackle has a policy that's stated they WILL CHARGE A EXTRA SMALL ORDER FEE FOR LESS THAN 14 SHIPPED. Meyer IS SHIPPING EXPRESS on my small order but NOT charging a extra small order fee. I CAN attach my reciept if need be to prove this. also I've read policy and have seen NO SMALL ORDER FEE AT MEYERS. while shopping for hatcheries I've read policy this is how I've found out Cackle DOES CHARGE A FLAT RATE OF 20 DOLLARS FOR ORDERS UNDER 14 CHICKS. it's stated in their Policy. No where have I seen that extra fee for small orders at Meyers. That said there shipping is more than other hatcheries but they do ship express (depending on your zip code) and offer long lasting heat pads when needed in shipping. I will pay the higher shipping to have the heat and express shipping. In the long run we should go with wherever were comfortable buying . it depends on the individual but I do recommend policy of the hatchery be read. Some ship extra male chick for warmth stated in policy, some have small order fees, ect. just check policy and go with what makes you comfortable.
  10. Mysticfishtales

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    Apr 20, 2014
    Meyer may not have a small charge fee but, I increased my order by 2 Leann's Bargains to avoid the $20+ extra shipping for 13 chicks.
    They will let you order any number per breed under the maximum listed. Even the assortments.

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