Hatching again, need tips

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I am hatching again next week, in an incubator I have hatched in in the past, (still air) styrofoam.

My questions-

I don't have a turner- but I have a turner tray rack. Should I hatch my eggs in tray, POINTED end down, or let them lay on their side with not sitting in tray? I will have to hand turn either way.

question #2-

there are 2+ water trays on the floor of the incubator, do I fill all of them or just one, until day 18?

Its not an easy time of the year to start with chickens because of the cold and short days. But I know there are more people who hatch in winter.
My tip would be to wait until late winter or spring. But you probably won’t . So my question to you is how is you’re setup is to make sure the chicks 🐣 grow up healthy and sane.
No- I have hatched in the winter many times. I also have an enclosed storage area with electricity and a wall heater- (I know not to put brooder against it.) But it is a nice set up. I want chicks at x-mas, and the eggs are ordered. I already had my family holiday visit early. My chicken plan is to hatch out now in winter so late spring/early summer I will have roosters from this batch be old enough to breed.
A neighbor dropped off 24 eggs that are fertile. I think I may set 12 them separate from my shipped eggs, what do you think?

I am letting them mellow out in the mud room for now. I candled and they look good. They are cold. Unwashed but not dirty, no cracks. I set aside 12 I might want to set, we will see.

If I am not going to set these eggs with my shipped eggs, I may start them earlier.
Nice eggs. Are the eggs to hatch for you?
There are obvious 2 from easter eggers. But what are the others and what kind of breed is the rooster? Any idea?
I believe he had RIR and Barred, and others, I don't know on the roosters. I like to see things hatch, I will prolly only set the best 12. I am setting ones with spots, and the green ones. The decision has been made to put these in the mudroom in cartons with loose plastic around, and wait for the shipped eggs. Then they will all go in together after letting them set at room temp for a day.
I still have some coming next week.
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Before my neighbor dropped off eggs, I put a bid in on ebay. it is up for 3 more days or so, now I am hoping I don't win it, I would have chicks coming out my ears.

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