Hatching Basics Please?

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    Ok I just got an old incubator from my neighbor I know some basics from the site and a hatch we did in 6th grade here is what I know ( correct me if I am wrong)
    The Tep. is something like 99 F
    you turn an odd number of times per day
    and stop turning on day 18
    It takes About 21 for chicken eggs to hatch
    and things I need to know about
    and anything else you can think of.
  2. perfectly_polish

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    Quote:The temp. also depends if it is a forced air or a still air. Still airs run normally between 100.5 to 102. Forced airs should be between 99.5-100. If you don't have an automatic turner you can turn them 3-5 times per day, you can put an X and an O on each side so you know what side to turn next. Humidity for the first 18 days should be around 40%-50%, you stop turning and raise humidity on day 18, the last 3 days. The humidity for the last 3 days should be around 70%-90%, more around 75% and don't let it go over 90%. And if everything goes okay they should hatch on day 21, give or take a day. On day 18 when you stop turning/add humidity, that should be the last time you candle them. And remeber DON'T OPEN THE INCUBATOR the last 3 days. Humidity and the temp. are so important then. Even if chicks hatch it's okay for them to stay in there for 24 hours. Good luck!
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    I would like to add the importance of a good thermometer you can trust! Get one and make sure its accurate before you set your eggs!
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    Quote:Very true! I have 3 thermometers in my incubator to make sure the tempurature is correct, I also have 3 hydrometers.

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