Hatching, but no movement.


7 Years
May 28, 2012
So, I have had 7 eggs incubating in a Brinsea Mini Advance incubator. 2 eggs are Polish, 2 are Orpington, and 3 are Welsummer. One Polish arrived on day 20, both Orpingtons arrived on day 21, but we have 4 eggs remaining and today is day 22.

Of those 4 eggs (1 Polish and 3 Welsummer), 2 pipped. The pipped Welsummer was the first to pip on day 20, and the Polish pipped sometime yesterday.

Now here's the thing...I'm assuming the chicks are viable and keeping the eggs incubating, not opening it, keeping the humidity up, etc., but the Welsummer egg has been very still with no progress, just a pip, and the Polish with a pip is also very still (and a little bloody, but I understand it could have hit a blood vessel when pipping), so I was thinking that the chicks wouldn't make it. However, this morning I took a look in the incubator and both pipped eggs are now broadly cracked as if the chicks are hatching.

I'm still not seeing any movement in either cracked egg, but it does seem like they are hatching. I'm wondering if anyone else has had an experience like this and what came of it?

This is my first time hatching chicks, and I noticed a striking difference in the behavior of the breeds and how they hatched. The Polish was very jumpy and quick to hatch, and that chick wants all the attention and moves around a lot. The Orpingtons both hatched pretty slow and steady, and they are both soft and quiet (but healthy) chicks. I'm curious as to whether Welsummers just take a little longer to hatch and have generally strong and silent personalities, or whether something is just wrong as all 3 Welsummer eggs are still not hatched.

Thank you in advance for any advice!

some eggs seem to take longer but Im not an expert . Hopefully someone that knows more will answer you soon though.

Some eggs take forever to hatch and some are very very quick. Once they've zipped the shell open they'll sometimes take a break before hatching completely.

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